I offer an on-site computer repair & supply service, operating locally in the Reading, Berkshire area.
My services are structured on a no-fix-no-fee basis; starting from £20.00.

Effective protection against viruses, adware, malware and more. I can install top-level anti-virus for your Home or Office that updates itself daily and scans all incoming data for threats.

Recovering your data is my top priority.
I carry out data recovery on-site (where possible), rescuing your e-mails photos, important documents and other data.
Recovery service for: -
1. PC or MAC Hard Drives.
2. Desktops or Laptops.
3. USB or Portable Drives.
4. Server or RAID
5. NAS Devices

I offer tailored cost effective backup solutions and will always advise on the best available.

Very often, my home users ask me to help them with software errors. Email software errors, email not sending or unreadable attachments. Requests to re-install Windows or Office software, updating and maintaining.

Perhaps you are looking for a high performance gaming machine/Audio/Video workstation, or simply need a home pc for college or university work. Geek4hire designs and builds custom pc’s or laptops to suit your needs. Simply give me a budget and I will do the rest. I can supply all the hardware and software you will need, configuring every element of your custom-built pc or laptop.

Examples of our Custom built PC's: - PhoenixPC

I realise the importance of training and tuition. One-to-one, or small groups. Tailored courses to meet your needs. With careful explanations, I strive to educate; making sure that the skills you need are transferred.

This is typically an on-site service, effective training within your familiar environment using your own equipment.

Does your Wi-Fi keep going down? Moved into a new place? I assess what you actually need, advise you on what’s best, install and fine-tune your Wi-fi, no matter how complex your situation is.

CCTV/Security advice, supply and setup service available. Our CCTV solutions enable you to view your cameras directly on your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world (internet connection required).

...give a GEEK a call, I'll fix it all!

Trading times: – Mon-Fri 9:00 – 18:00
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